Post Care

Basic Restorative Appointments

After fillings, crowns, and root canals, it is normal to have some post-operative sensitivity. This sensitivity may include general soreness in the area that was worked on, or hot and cold sensitivity on the teeth that were restored. This discomfort generally lasts only a few days, but can last up to a couple of weeks. It should get better as time progresses. If your discomfort is more severe, is keeping you up at night, or does not seem to be improving, please call our office – we are always happy to answer any questions or see you for a complimentary follow-up visit to make sure everything is healing properly. Also, if your bite feels different or “off” after your dental work is completed and the numbness has worn off entirely, please come see us so we can adjust it back to its normal place. In order for your teeth to feel better as soon as possible, it is important that your bite is normal and comfortable.

After Implants

After Denture or Partial Denture: After receiving your denture or partial denture it is most important that the appliance is comfortable. If wearing the denture gives you any sort of soreness or discomfort, please call our office so we can adjust it. Often it may take several adjustments to eliminate all sore spots from these appliances. Also, unless told otherwise in our office, it is important to remove your denture or partial denture each night. You can use any over-the-counter denture cleaner to clean your denture or partial. If you have any questions regarding the care of your denture or partial denture, please call our office.

Night Guards

Night guards can be difficult to get used to wearing. If you have problems wearing your night guard, you can try wearing for just a few hours each night. As you get used to it, you should be able to increase the time you wear your guard, and eventually be able to fall asleep with the night guard and wear it continuously throughout the night. If the guard is uncomfortable or causes soreness in your teeth, please call us so we can adjust it. It is normal for your bite to feel a little different in the morning after wearing the night guard, and it should adjust back to normal shortly after removing the guard. If it does not, or your feel like your bite is changing because of the night guard, please call us so we can make any necessary adjustments.


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